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Piemērots apģērbs, labs garastāvoklis - viss nepieciešamais lieliskai pastaigai! Esi aktīvs šajā vīrusu laikā un izbaudi brīvo dabu pie mums!* Strādājam katru dienu no plkst. 10:00 - 18:00.

*Būsim atbildīgi un ievērosim drošu distanci viens no otra!

The Vienkoču Park is a landscape park of walking and recreation at the Ligatne river. Different trails with many thematic objects of interest and research have been arranged there. Models of historic manors and other buildings as well as wooden sculptures, ethnographic buildings, log-boats, tar kiln are to be found in the park. It is possible to visit the first sand-house in Latvia, to find out interesting facts about its building process and to get inspiration for the "green" life-style.

The Woodcraft Museum is located in the Vienkoču park. It is arranged as a historic workshop. It is possible to find out in the museum how the craftsmen of old times mastered wooden things for the landlords and other people. It is possible to get to know the nuances of how the log-boats were made starting with the Stone-Age till nowadays. A special attention is being paid to the research of process of making the log-boats.

Workshops are open for visitors to participate during thematic events. Places for leisure and picnics have been established in the park, which will be of great use for the families and companies of friends. A playground with specially designed toys and attractions is available for children.

You will find the Vienkoču Park interesting both for the adults and children.

This is a place for leisure and inspiration! You will be welcome as a dear friend!

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