Woodcraft Museum

The Woodcraft Museum has been arranged as a historical workshop. It is situated in the Vienkoči Park and it possible to learn there how the craftsmen of the past used to make household items both for landlords and other people. It is possible to learn about nuances of producing the log-ware and other wooden objects from the Stone Age till nowadays. A special attention has been dedicated to the process of producing log-boats. Workshops are organized during thematic events.

Vienkoči park

Vienkoči park is situated in Gauja National Park, Ligatne civil parish, in a place named „Vienkoči”, on the bank of the River Ligatne in the territory of Gauja National Park. The work of creating the park started in 2003. It is opened to visitors since 2007. The territory of the park is 9,25 ha. The creator and owner of the park is Rihards Vidzickis.

The principal role of Vienkoci park is popularizing wooden craft and log-boat products, maximal usage of natural materials and environment cleanness. The park is divided in several areas, which help to create different atmosphere and arose different feelings. The areas are: the museum territory; landscape environment; wild nature; classical garden; modern area. Alongside the trails of the park there are wooden sculptures – animals (included in the Red Book), characters from fairytales and legends, objects created according to historical sources (sculptor R.Vidzickis).

In the glen you can see miniature watermills and models of historical buildings. One of the most interesting ones is the model of Nurmizu estate, which is made according to old photo materials and plans, because the very estate has not survived, but was one of the most beautiful and modern classicism estates in Latvia. In 2005 the masters of Natural Wood Processors Association of the Latvia Chamber of Crafts created a ‘torture yard’, in commemoration of 100th anniversary of the Revolution of 1905 and punitive expedition. In the log barn there is a woodworking museum-workshop, in the other log building there is possible to live in and enjoy the stay in ancient and naturally arranged environment and to forget about today’s reality. You have a possibility to have a ride in a log-boat on the River Ligatne. In the clump you will find the light forest with log-lamps. Here the annual Fire Night takes place each year on the first Saturday of October. The park also offers camping place for tents and fire place. You can freely take your own basket of food, walk around and choose the best place for your rest. By the entrance there is a playground, which is interesting not only for the youngest visitors, but for adults as well.

Working hours daily: 10,00 - 18,00

GPS coordinates: 57o11'30.43" N 25o02'52.79" E

Entrance fees:

For adults - 3 €

For pupils and pensioners - 2 €

Preschoolers - free entry

Students, presenting ISIC card - 20% discount on admission fees

Vienkoči Park now has the first sand-bag house in Latvia

This autumn a sand-bag house, which is the first of this type eco building in Latvia, was opened in Vienkoči Park (Līgatne).

The sand-bag house includes various eco building ideas. Its central part is built from recycled used bags filled with sand and clay mixture. The outer walls of the bags are edged with turf, but internal walls are plastered with clay. Wood logs and bottles of wine are used in the construction of the lobby. The wine bottles were used to make stained glass, thus giving extra light in the day time. At night the stained glass serves as a kind of luminous body of the Vienkoči park landscape. The inner room is arranged with dugout furniture and chandelier of wine bottles. The main emphasis of building the eco house is usage of local natural materials and recycled materials. Material costs for such house is relatively low, but the construction work is heavy. The house is an experiment to see how this idea is able to live in climatic conditions of Latvia. The new sand-bag house not only improves the exposure of the Vienkoči Park, but also makes visitors think about natural and alternative ideas.

New Mockups in Vienkoči Park

In Vienkoči park in Līgatne has been placed Nurmuiža manor house mockup.  Also there has been placed mockup of one historical corpus (Beiwerk) of Līgatne paper-mill.


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Natural Bathhouse in Vienkoci Park

Winter in Vienkoči Park 2009

Video from Fire night 2007

Vienkoči park video from 2007 

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